Kuja Dosha Nivarana Pooja in Gokarna

A Dosha is a horoscope (Kundli) condition that casts negative influences rather than positive outcomes. It is caused by malefic or unfavorable placements of planets in various Kundali Houses. 

The birth chart in a horoscope represents planetary positions in the zodiac circle or celestial sphere that correspond to the native’s birth place and time. It creates the fundamental astrological design of his or her life and personality.

What is Kuja Dosha or Mangalik Dosha?

  • Kuja dosha, also known as Manglika dosha.
  • Kuja Dosha is a malefic condition in the Kundali(horoscope) caused by Kuja’s(Mars) unfavorable positioning.
  • This Dosha has a direct impact on the individual’s marital life.
  • The horoscope is said to have Kuja dosha (Sukra), If the planet Mars/Kuja is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses from the ascendant/Lagna.
  • If the Mars/Kuja is in the 7th or 8th house, the possibility of Manglik dosha increases.
  • In general, Kuja Dosha indicates the possibility of an unhappy marriage.
  • Kuja Dosha in the birth chart indicates that Mars/Kuja plays a significant role in the natives life.
  • Manglik Dosha, on the other hand, indicates that a native was born under the influence of Mars/Kuja.

The impact of Mars or Kuja on human life

  • Planet Mars/Kuja represents enormous courage, energy, willpower, and self-assurance.
  • Aggression, irritation, anger, volatile temper, argument, conflict, competition, domination, violence, injury, and disaster are all negative consequences.
  • This planet’s dynamic energy must be channeled positively or it will have negative consequences.

What effects does Kuja Dosha have on marriage?

  • The native would face difficulties as a result of the spouse’s behavior or actions, resulting in separation.
  • Constant fighting or serious disagreements between wife and husband.
  • Position of Mars/Kuja in the 1st House Leads to Harsh speech, misunderstanding among the partners.
  • Position of Mars/Kuja in the 4th House leads to Aggression, disrupted domestic life, and frequent quarrels
  • Position of Mars/Kuja in the 7st House leads to Differences with spouse.
  • Position of Mars/Kuja in the 8th House leads to In-law issues, accidents, and the premature death of a spouse
  • Position of Mars/Kuja in the 12th House leads to Marriage animosity and distrust, Everyday life becomes extremely difficult.

What are the Kuja Dosha Remedies?

Vedic Astrology also suggests some remedies to overcome or minimize the negative impact of doshas. Fasting, poojas, worshipping a specific deity or the planet causing dosha, visiting specific temples, and so on are examples. Some commonly recommended remedies are listed below :

  • People with Kuja dosha are commonly advised to marry someone with the same dosha quantum. This is supposed to balance both of their negative energies.
  • It is also recommended that people worship Lord Hanuman, visit Hanuman temples on Tuesdays, and recite the Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Worship Ganapati (Orange or Kesari color) everyday.
  • If Mangalika Dosha is the result of bad karma from previous life, The best treatment for them is to chant the Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Another remedy for reducing the intensity of the Kuja Dosha is to fast on Tuesdays and pray to Kuja/Mars.
  • After the age of 28, the intensity of the Kuja Dosha is supposed to decrease. As a result, some people with this Kuja Dosha are advised to marry after 28 years of age.
  • If both partners have Kuja Dosha, it is often recommended to marry because it is said to nullify and balance the negative energies of planet Mars/Kuja.

Kuja Dosha Parihar Pooja by Gokarna Pooja Shastra

Our Gokarna Pooja Shastra astrologer with extensive knowledge can detect the presence of the Kuja Dosha and recommend remedies to counteract its malicious effects.

  • We evaluate the presence of kuja Dosha in your horoscope.
  • We look for inauspicious Kuja/Mars placement that can lead to Manglik Dosha
  • The Gokarna Pooja Shastra astrologer searches for factors that can counteract the Kuja Dosha.
  • Following the completion of the analysis, we will recommend whether or not to perform Kuja Dosha nivarana pooja in Gokarna.

Kuja Dosha Pooja Procedure

If Kuja dosha is discovered after careful Kundali or horoscope analysis, Kuja Dosha Nivarana Pooja, Kadali Vivah Pooja and Kumbha Vivah Pooja are recommended.
Kadali means Banana Tree and Kumbha means Pot.
The following poojas are performed by Gokarna Pooja Shastra :

Kuja Dosha Parihar/Nivarana Procedure

  • Sankalp
  • Ganesha Pooja
  • Kalsha Sthapane
  • Kalasha Pooja
  • Kuja Japa(Meditation)
  • Kuja Homam
  • Poornahuti
  • Vivah Sanskara
  • Prasad Vitarane

Kadali Vivah Pooja

  • For mangalik male, Kadali Vivah pooja is performed.
  • This pooja removes mangalika dosha and allows you to marry as soon as possible.

Kumbha Vivah Pooja

  • For mangalika females, Kumbha Vivah Pooja is performed.
  • This pooja removes mangalika dosha and allows you to marry as soon as possible.

Kuja Dosha Shanti Pooja Cost & Details

  • Contact our astrologer for clarification on Kuja Dosha.
  • We begin by identifying Kuja Dosha and understanding other factors that may cancel out Kuja Dosha’s effects.
  • The final option is to assist you with the Kuja Dosha Prihara or Nivarana Pooja.
  • Learn more about the home remedies available.
  • More information about the Kuja Dosha cost and procedure is provided during the conversation.